Rank and Rent Mastery

Rank and Rent is one of the best passive income types.
But other Rank and Rent courses are outdated.

GMB listings are harder to get if you try to outsource. Plus, you shouldn’t violate Google’s Terms of Service, and you don’t need to if you want to make:

$1,000/month in passive income
for EACH website

And this can be repeated over and over for multiple passive income means.


If you need a refresher on the Rank and Rent model, this video from Matt Diggity gives a great explanation.


But even in this video they admit that getting a Google My Business account “can be tricky”, and their suggestions are things that Google has already caught on to as of September 2022.

To make the Rank and Rent method work, you need to know what's outdated information, so you don't hurt your chances of ranking that website, waste your time, or needlessly spend money.

In my Rank and Rent 201 Cheat Sheet, I get into the nitty gritty of how to turn this idea for passive income into a workable reality.

Unlike other Rank and Rent courses, this gives you the details on what works and what doesn't.

By comparison, there is a Rank and Rent 101 course that’s charging $8,000 to learn just the basics, not advanced tricks to make this passive income stream your reality. Another course costs $3,997 and it’s not even current, it’s from 2016! PLEASE don’t waste your hard-earned money on outdated programs.

Some of these other courses even go so far as to compare their product to a college degree, saying their $8,000 course costs a lot less than tuition. While the value of passive income is high, that is a ridiculous marketing tactic to try on real people who are looking for new streams of income. Their course is not accredited or audited, and to charge folks that much is honestly irresponsible and scammy.

I’m selling valuable information that I got through weeks of full time trial and error, and I hope it helps you create a solid lead generation business that you can scale to your heart’s content. But if things change and my tips don’t get your websites ranking, then you will have spent $60 AND learned several new skills along the way:

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