Best Rank and Rent Courses

Spoiler Alert: They Shouldn't Cost More Than $100

There’s a lot of crap on the internet. There’s a lot of free information, and there’s a lot of information behind paywalls. I will admit I was searching for lucrative side hustles when I “happened” to be shown an ad (targeted ads are sneaky) that described rank and rent, though it took me several hours to learn what it was called, and other common terms like local lead generation, digital billboards, digital real estate, etc. 

The ad I found was Ippei, a guy who’s selling a local lead generation training program. There was a ton of free information that felt valuable, and I did as much research as I could on the subject. After a few days I decided I wanted to pursue rank and rent, so I went back to his website intending to buy the course. I figured it would be $100-300. I got lost in the sales funnels, click bait and reading reviews of supposed students. I tried to take it all with a grain of salt but I was also really excited to learn how to make thousands of dollars a month in semi-passive income. I signed up for the marketing emails and eventually found the price tag, almost $8,000!!

Whoa. WTF? Now all the sales funnel shit made sense. I was hooked, but wriggling off the line. When I didn’t buy right away I got even more emails trying to close the deal. 

Now, I have no background in sales. But I would like to think I don’t often fall for scams or overpriced bullshit. I wanted to learn rank and rent but I didn’t want to have the wool pulled over my eyes. I started searching for the best rank and rent courses and even though I found better and better prices, they were all still several hundreds or thousands of dollars.

One of the sales pitches that ALMOST got me was comparing the cost of the "best rank and rent courses" to college tuition. This tugged at my vulnerabilities because I DID spend $55,000 to go to college and learn a skill, so I started thinking that maybe learning this new skill WAS worth a fraction of that - then I remembered that college is really overpriced now too.

I started to wonder if there was actually anything profitable to learn, or if all these gurus were making all their money in sales to wanna-be gurus. If everybody’s a “teacher”, who’s actually doing the technique?

I almost gave up on the rank and rent idea. For weeks I was preoccupied with it as a scam, thinking about whether I was falling for an MLM or something. I knew the best rank and rent courses shouldn’t cost this ridiculous amount of money.

Luckily, my friend reminded me that there are legitimate educational resources out there, which are also reasonably priced. I checked out a few like Coursera and Udemy, and found a course on rank and rent for the fantastic price of $28 (with a coupon and another course that turned out to be a slightly different topic).

Twenty-eight dollars!!! I felt like I had won the lottery. If rank and rent turned out to be crap or a saturated market or otherwise unprofitable, I was willing to lose that $28 plus a hundred or so in start-up costs.

I watched and rewatched the videos in that Udemy course, downloaded the lists of resources, and started actually building websites! Some stuff was outdated, and I saw room for improvement during my journey but 9 weeks after buying a domain name and setting everything up, I made my first $10 for a lead. The next day I got 2 more leads for the appliance repair guy I was sending customers to, and after a month, we agreed on a monthly price of $500.

Now that’s not the $1,000 I was hoping for but the potential was clear to me. I built another website for a plumber in a city that straddled a state line, because I hoped the population count in either town would be often overlooked by my competition (I was still wary of the theoretical “oversaturation” problem) but together would be high enough to get a decent search volume. I found a local plumber, sent him the leads, played phone secretary for a few weeks and then forwarded everything to him, for $450/month.

With success under my belt, I made 2 more sites and rented them out. I told my friends how I was making money and 3 of them were actually interested in a new project so I taught them. And then I saw the value of what I had learned along the way.

Knowledge Is Worth Paying For - But Everything Is Relative

For a long time, I was dead-set against selling products of my own. Physical products clog our landfills and there’s so much free info on the internet that I felt funny about selling knowledge to other people trying to survive in this weird late-stage capitalism economy. But I spent so many hours – weeks of my life – searching for free information because I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend, until I found an affordable (to me) course. That time could have been better spent. And I could improve upon it, since I did end up on a wild goose-chase because of a piece of outdated advice. 

I realized a lot of people would rather pay to get the info on best rank and rent courses upfront than slog through weeks or reading conflicting shit on the web. I know there is a range of money that would be considered reasonable to many people, but that’s where your personal finance is your responsibility. I honestly forgot that not everyone is super frugal like me. Convenience is a thing, and so is frustration.

So Here I Present To You:

I sincerely hope you enjoy and find value in the course. Go forth and make money helping local businesses!

best rank and rent courses