Rank and Rent Mastery

Have you noticed some gaps in the courses on Rank and Rent SEO? Details that get glossed over (what do you do when leads call you before you’ve prospected a service provider? What if I can’t get a GMB listing? How do I get Angi’s List to stop calling me?), and other questions that go unanswered.

Have you wondered if the high-priced courses out there are worth it? While I haven’t tried every single one, trust that they are NOT worth it: if those guys were making thousands and thousands of dollars from Rank & Rent every month, then they wouldn’t need to (over)sell a $7,000 webinar filled with motivational fluff.

If you’re new to Rank & Rent or just want a refresher, watch the video I linked on the homepage, that guy does an excellent job of explaining the basics. 

I, on the other hand, enjoy teaching what’s harder to find, the things that took me months of deep internet digging to understand and work around. So for an actual affordable price, I’m selling that info, the advanced Rank and Rent stuff.

My Cheat Sheet for how to
make this passive income strategy
work for you in modern times is just $60

Work For Yourself. Passive Income.

Learn New Skills for the Digital Future.

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